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John Titor and Multiverse Theory

We knew our worldline diverged significantly from John Titor's description of his own when a shooting civil war didn't break out by the end of 2005. And the LHC didn't get fired up in 2007. We'd all like to hope that there won't be global nuclear war in 2015 either. Some will misinterpret such discrepancies as evidence for 'debunking' Titor, but they are better evidence for multiverse theory being true (see below). Because so much of what Titor described would happen HAS happened, it's clear he knew some things we didn't that we have since seen manifest. Nope Iraq didn't have WMDs, yes Obama does have a certain fixation with Lincoln and no he's not been effective in changing the destructive course of American society as Titor described, at least not so far. Nobody could have predicted these and some other things Titor knew and they constitute validation that cannot be denied. Consequently we appear to be on a worldline that Titor's presence may have spun off from his own by alerting the police state planners that their plans were exposed (again see below). The logical thing for them to do and what appears to have happened, is that they altered their plans and went to Plan B. Or maybe it was Plan C, there are many ways to wage war. "The war against working people should be understood to be a real war... Specifically in the U.S., which happens to have a highly class-conscious business class... And they have long seen themselves as fighting a bitter class war, except they don’t want anybody else to know about it." -- Noam Chomsky.

Instead of waging class warfare upon us directly and violently as they did in Titor's worldline they did it indirectly and seductively to us, slowly and incrementally like the way torture became acceptable under the ruse of making people safer. And now somehow the rule of law is suspended for Dick Cheney and the other war criminals and Titor's description of the apathy of Americans that would let such a thing happen becomes demonstrably true for us, perhaps just in slightly different ways than they unfolded in Titor's worldline. Titor was exactly correct too when he told us our basic rights under the Constitution would be under attack, because they have been for a long time in many ways and we now take much of it for granted. American citizens are routinely spied upon by the NSA, they are talking about flying spy drone aircraft all across America (if they aren't already doing so), and the 'Patriot Act' has given the police so much power they now feel free to run amok. This is not the America envisioned by its founding fathers:

The Police State Became Unambiguous in 2012: Occupy Oakland January 28, 2012 - Police Brutality

Understanding John Titor

You will hear people who haven't researched Titor's story well claim it to be a hoax, but to this day it remains internally consistent and 'undebunked'. Start with the premise of multiple worlds theory being true, as many physicists believe -- that would mean that we live in a probabilistic universe in which some things are more changeable than others. The laws of physics for example might actually vary across widely disparate probabilistic universes, but not any of the universes that our own could ever evolve into. So the physical operation of Titor's time machine is not likely to vary from our worldline compared to the one that Titor claimed to grow up in. Nor would you expect major social trends and world events to vary greatly from one nearby worldline to the next, like the assaults upon the American Constitution we witnessed over Bush's eight years that have continued under Obama, and the apathy of most Americans toward those assaults, or the nonexistence of WMDs in Iraq. It would take a VERY LARGE DIVERGENCE between worldlines to make those kinds of things turn out different from one to the next.

What CAN easily change between nearby worldlines however are details about some of Titor's predictions like the dates and intensity of civil war he described, date the LHC would come online, and the date of global nuclear war. These are all easily modifiable by human intention and should not be expected to remain the same from one worldline to another ESPECIALLY in the case where you have a reasonably intelligent psychopath like Karl Rove whose plans may have been modified as a result of Titor revealing them to us, thereby GREATLY CHANGING OUR WORLDLINE. It is true that Titor didn't think we would change our worldline, but then again he was pretty cynical about the sheeplike apathy of contemporary Americans of his worldline and ours during the timeframe he was here. But he was just a soldier, not a prophet, and time travel would still be pretty new in only two and a half decades. It would therefore be wrong to consider him infallible, and people also forget that he didn't care whether we believed him or not! Titor explained that we could change our worldline if we wanted to badly enough, and Titor's story remains consistent with DETAILS actually changing while MAJOR things would not, and have not.

It is true that the Bush attacks upon our Constitution never sparked overt civil war, but it should be understood unambiguously that American freedoms were indeed under attack, that a shooting civil war could have easily broken out if Bush had pushed things far enough, and that many minor conflicts that had the potential to escalate were filtered out from the public consciousness by a compliant news media failing to report them. He never used the domestic relocation camps FEMA operates for example, whereas in Titor's original worldline they may have been used for the internment of Americans under the guise of imprisoning 'domestic terrorists' and we certainly came very close to 'domestic terrorist' witchhunts in our worldline. That is all it would have taken to cause our worldline to diverge significantly from Titor's, pulling back just enough to stop the overt civil war. But anyone who doubts that our civil liberties were under attack and compromised by the Bush administration and continued by the Obama administration hasn't been paying attention very well. Titor's predictions about that were spot on, and nobody could have reasonably envisioned that in 2000 or 2001. That is validation no skeptic can deny.

John Titor told us our worldline could be changed

Similarly, the LONG delay in starting the LHC could easily have been manufactured so that the pre-warned governments would have the opportunity to research Titor's claims out of the public eye, remember how Titor indicated that governments would be very threatened by the prospect of time travel? The logical thing is that Titor's warnings to us were picked up by the very types of people that in his worldline did all the evil things he described, but in our worldline they had to go undercover so as to not be perceived as precisely following Titor's predictions. Consequently it is stupid and wrong to quibble over details AS IF there was no such thing as multiple universes, AS IF the smaller things couldn't be deliberately altered. We are only left in a state of uncertainty over small details today, while the bulk of the evidence, the major events not likely to be easily changed between worldlines, do support Titor as genuine.

Titor indicated that the next President would continue the policies of the former (he meant Bush Jr. we now know) and while being well-meaning, would not change the direction of anything. That description we now know fits Obama, who has failed to implement most of his campaign promises and has not been particularly successful in stabilizing American and world financial markets and international tensions, although he has at least made some efforts toward those ends. Titor did mention that the president following Bush Jr. would have a special affinity for President Lincoln and that also is true of Obama. However, our worldline is still very much different from Titor's for not having had overt civil war break out. It may have changed due to Titor's presence much more than Titor expected it might, in which case we may now have a better chance of avoiding the nuclear war of 2015. The chances of avoiding nuclear war would be improved by whatever extent we are able to make progress toward Obama's stated intentions to ratchet down the nuclear weapons in the world, but unfortunately that issue seems to have gone onto the back burner indefinitely; it needs to be brought out and addressed if we are to ever live without the threat of nuclear war whether it happens in 2015 or not. National and international tensions building up led to it according to Titor, and now tensions are rising with Russia. It would be wrong to become complacent and assume just because some things didn't happen as Titor said that you should ignore the things he did say that have happened and might still happen.

Takehome lessons

Titor came seemingly out of nowhere with a message about the direction our culture was headed and the consequences that would follow if nobody cared, and indeed he was correct about the major directions things would go. While details have not been 100% correct that is what multiverse theory predicts across slightly divergent worldlines as Titor illustrated by books not written and sporting events ending differently. But MAJOR things are less likely to be changed, so they are the best indicators of Titor's authenticity. Sure it could be just an amazing coincidence that Orwell's dystopia came late but reason and logic in the light of the internal consistency of Titor's worldview cannot falsify his story; on the contrary the test of time so far supports it. There have been many attempts to discredit Titor's story, by impersonating him and claiming to know his mother and even fabricating additional documents to conflate his original story with falsehood. Self-styled 'debunkers' seize on any discrepancy, typically ignoring or never understanding the implications of multiverse theory, and spout some of the wildest conclusions as if they have proven something with utter certainty. Their denial of any rational scientific view of accepting reality whatever the evidence indicates it to be invalidates whatever agenda it is they are driven by.

We all know that the world we live in now is not the one that Titor described growing up in, although it seems it easily could have been if things had gone a little bit differently. That is consistent with divergence between worldlines created by the forewarning we received. Millions of people learned about Titor's story and watched it begin to play out at least, waiting for the other shoe of full blown civil war to drop. That had to have an effect. If Titor's worldview is correct enough of us cared to change the worldline, so we may have exceeded Titor's opinion of us after all. Time will tell but we are not out of the woods yet. I like to think that the people of Titor's worldline that he judged so harshly did not have the benefit of the warning he gave us, and their normal human tendencies to place trust in their leaders might account for a lot of the 'apathy' that let things get much worse for them. We on the other hand know better by benefit of being warned. Only the stupidly warlike and apathetic type of Americans Titor so despised when he first got here could still cause Titor's prediction of global nuclear war to come true, and while there are still plenty of them they are still in the minority and most of us seek something greater and more noble for our country than tax cuts for the rich. You should still pay attention to whatever new evidence arises and keep your mind open to it, but don't be swayed by the arguments of lightweight right-wing loudmouths who will claim the story a hoax because they are speaking from superficiality and ignorance and they would be among the Americans that Titor detested for their complacency, apathy, and willingness to accept the status quo. There are still many of them and they would drag us down with them if they could. But we are better than that, America is better than that, we are not driven toward nuclear war like so many lemmings headed toward a cliff so long as we remain aware that WE create the world we live in. That we have the ability to guide the outcome of our worldline among the many possibilities in the multiverse explains how we can have free will and is perhaps the most important message Titor gave us.

Interest in John Titor's story is worldwide

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