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Be Prepared
for Reactor Accidents
or Nuclear War
Radiation Protection using Antinuclear Nutrition would protect you from radiation in Japan

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Archived John Titor Information, by Date

Ideally this page will eventually contain a link to the original source of every known posting made by John Titor. Unfortunately, some URLs have vanished and some pages remaining are compilations of previous posts that have vanished. Some can be trusted, some not. Without original sources, you can only hope and trust that the authors of sites like are honest and competent. That site's author has excerpted a lot of questions and answers and removed them from their original context, and we'd like to think that he got all the nuances correct and all the Titor quotes are exact, but the author is hiding his or her identity, so we don't even know who it is we'd like to hope we're trusting. These days you should be very leery of Titor quotes that are presented without any links to their source. for example is quite rigorous and their older Titor postings are good, but there are many fake Titors proliferating now (see imposters and frauds for details) so cautious skepticism is advised.



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